“Man is a CREATOR, an EXPLORER and a PROTECTOR of space; 

Space forged by TRUTH, made sacred by VIRTUE and held with INTEGRITY.

Why..? For LOVE,  for LIFE,  and for LIBERTY to flourish.” 

– Whatisman.com

A man’s first and most important duty is to Know Thy Self


Our mission at What Is Man is to define the male ethos so that men everywhere know WHO THEY ARE and WHAT THEY STAND FOR! A clarion call to our brothers and a compass to guide future generations of men forward with honor and self respect. WHEN WE DON’T DEFINE OURSELVES, WE ARE DEFINED BY OTHERS. 

Criteria Behind the Definition

More than just a catchy phrase or a collection of individual traits, is it observably true, experientially true, relationally true and in alignment with order? Does it call out to your inner hero & is it true for the widest range of men across the widest expanse of time? Is it simple enough even a child can understand? Is true down to the Archetype itself? Does it accurately represent the male ethos? Can it be accompanied by symbolic representation?

Ben’s notes

1. Observable truth.

  • Men create and transform our material world through invention and construction. Men explore the unknown to return with knowledge, be it mental exploration or physical. Men lead us forward and protect our gains. (creator, explorer, protector)
  • Truth brings order and tames the chaos. Virtue gives us meaning and maintains the order. Integrity maintains both virtue and truth. (truth, virtue, integrity)
  • The purpose of all this effort and sacrifice is for the love of our self, our family and our community. For our life, our progeny, our mates and our community. For our liberty and the liberty of our family and community. (love, life, liberty)

2. Following the natural growth and progression of the human experience.

  • As we learn and grow as humans we generally seek outward answers. (creator, explorer, protector)
  • Then we turn inward for deeper answers. (truth, virtue, integrity)
  • And finally we seek upward expression and actualization. (love, life, liberty)

3. Alignment with the feminine on both a biological and divine level.

Hypergamy: A man who is creating, exploring and protecting is fulfilling a traditional role of provider. A man who is setting boundaries with truth, virtue and integrity is demonstrating benevolent dominance. A man who makes love, life and liberty a focus is a nurturer. This is the complete package a woman is looking for on a biological level. This isn’t a one way street, to hold space in integrity means she must have integrity as well.

Divine Romance: Creating protected space to explore your woman in the pursuit of love, sexual freedom and maybe even new life is the very definition of romance. Holding space is what allows a woman to relax completely into herself and make the journey deep into her own feminine divinity and orgasmic bliss.

4. Power versus Force, or restated Order versus Entropy.

Men are currently characterized as being forceful, which is sometimes true and even sometimes necessary, but force creates counter force and leads to entropy. The great men like Gandhi and MLK used power. They were aligned with creation through love and thereby were able to create order greater than the paradigms they sought to replace which relied on force.

Creator, explorer, protector | truth, virtue, integrity | love, life, liberty. I believe these definitions to be both true and to align with Order/Power of Creation.

5. Calling to the inner Hero in all men.

I believe every man is called to a journey of self discovery, The Hero’s Journey… and the legends and folklore of human history seem to agree with that belief. Why does the Hero journey? To create his world anew. This leads to an exploration, usually with the intent of protecting what he holds sacred. His known world which has become smaller than the threats it faces and needs to grow in order to survive and thrive.

To navigate through this unknown realm of potential chaos he uses truth as his sword. His virtue and integrity allow him to know his brothers and stand firm against his enemies. In his darkest moments it’s his love for life and liberty that carry him forward to victory and bring him home to an expanded world.

Today’s world has an increasingly diverse mix of men. Some are traditionally masculine or intellectual. Some are responsible or child-like. Some are more in touch with their inner feminine or gay. Creating a definition of the male ethos that is wide enough to welcome them without watering down the message or meaning of the Hero is no small feat.

6. Simplicity a child can understand. Leaving a legacy for future generations

Young men are being indoctrinated my feminized media and education from the time they are toddlers and it’s opposite violent counterpart in the form of video games, music and movies. With no definition of what it means to be a man, then these become the default reality for our next generation of boys. My goal with the statement:

“Man is a CREATOR, an EXPLORER and a PROTECTOR of space; 

Space forged by TRUTH, made sacred by VIRTUE and held with INTEGRITY.

Why..? For LOVE,  for LIFE,  and for LIBERTY to flourish.” 

… is to create a simple roadmap that a father can relay to his son at an early age that is easily remembered and repeated. A compass to guide this young boy on his journey to manhood through all his various phases and challenges.

7. Reaching down to the masculine trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) Archetype.

  • The Archetype in a state of doing: (creator, explorer, protector)
  • The Archetype in a state of becoming: (truth, virtue, integrity)
  • The Archetype in a state of being: (love, life, liberty)

8. A constitution for the male ethos.

As the constitution is slowly eroded and relegated to mere historical abstraction, how do we take those values of Love, Life & Liberty and make them apart of ourselves? How do we embody them and make them core to our ego’s identity so we will fight for these values with our last breath as Western Civilization degrades before our eyes.

9. Symbolic representation of the core statement

Symbols organize consciousness across cultures, languages and time.

This symbol is founded on shapes that embody integrity. The triangle, circle and tetrahedron. (top down view)








“Give to us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for—

Because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.”  – Peter Marshall